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    Beeple is a tech scale-up company founded in 2016 by Karel Rabaut and Nathan Samson in Antwerp, Belgium. After working for an interim agency, Karel and Nathan got a clear picture of the issues that occurred in staff management. They wanted to improve the process of planning, registration, scheduling, screening and checking in of employees. This process should be pleasant and easy for the HR manager. With a budget of €20.000 they funded their dream and brought Beeple to life. The company grew at a booming rate in its first year. Currently Beeple is associated with countries from all around the world. Karel and Nathan are glad to say the risk was worth the while. Our clients praise the instant customer services, monthly updated features and friendliness of the Beeple team. To meet our amazing team, click on the yellow button below.


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Beeple is a web-based employee scheduling platform suitable for businesses of almost any size or vertical, including HR & employment, catering, events and festivals, guides, cleaning, aviation, sport competitions, security, car parks and call centers .

In addition to scheduling, Beeple also allows managers to oversee employee hours, vacation requests, shifts, payroll and employee communication.

With more than 530 features Beeple is the most complete circle of staff management on the market. Beeple invests heavily in online communication and the automation of processes, thanks to which selection, planning and payment are faster and more efficient.

Beeple's scheduling feature allows managers to create job schedules for teams and individuals and share shift details with employees in advance. The check-in/check-out feature allows managers to capture employees’ check-in in and out time and calculate their actual working hours.

Beeple is available on a pay-as-you-go pricing model in which businesses pay a monthly subscription for a fixed number of units. Beeple also offers dedicated mobile apps for both manager and employees to perform their set of activities from their mobile devices.

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