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Optimize the temporary employment industry with efficiency and control! clevergig is the ideal planning software for a temporary employment agency that works with regular schedules as well as ad hoc shifts. With our planning, time tracking, and invoicing all under one roof, you can schedule shifts rapidly, bringing peace and overview to your company.

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Diensten verwijderen en weer inzetten kost 2x zoveel tijd en moeite met een andere planningsoftware dan met clevergig. We merken dat clevergig ook voor de gebruiker heel makkelijk is. Je ziet dat er binnen een minuut gereageerd wordt, omdat ze de meldingen krijgen.



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Reliable planning software is essential for temporary employment agencies

Are you, as a temporary employment agency, constantly seeking the most suitable employees for your clients? Do you wonder how to efficiently manage your schedules, contracts, and communication to keep them up-to-date? Do you want to have control over the availability of your temporary workers and improve client satisfaction?

If you work for a temporary employment agency, you know how important it is to handle everything promptly and smoothly. Making hectic last-minute adjustments is not ideal if you want to maintain professionalism with your clients. Fortunately, with our personnel scheduling software, this is a thing of the past for any temporary employment agency. Our automated tool is specially designed to simplify your daily tasks as a scheduler. It helps you quickly find and schedule the right candidates so that your clients are always satisfied.

Mix of schedules and ad hoc

For a temporary employment agency, it is essential that both regular schedules and ad hoc shifts can be easily scheduled. While most planning software on the market focuses on one or the other, clevergig provides a complete solution. This means that your company can easily grow in both directions.

Manual = instability

Chaotic work processes are unprofessional and detract from the desired speed. A temporary employment agency needs reliability in all aspects of work. A responsible, stable, and good planning software partner like clevergig takes on a large part of that responsibility.

No modernization

Modernisation is essential in the temporary employment sector to meet the ever-changing needs of both temporary workers and employers. With clevergig's personnel scheduling and time tracking software, you can remain competitive in a dynamic market where quickly and flexibly responding is crucial.

Reliable planning software is essential for temporary employment agencies

With an increasing number of temporary employment agencies, scaling has become more challenging. Your temporary employment agency needs to have something unique to distinguish it from your competitors. A user-friendly planning software that speeds up your scheduling and makes your employees' lives easier is indeed unique. With clevergig, you effortlessly keep track of the availability of your flex workers. No more hassle with Excel sheets, but a clear schedule where you can see everything at a glance. The linkage between available staff and assignments minimizes errors and ensures efficient collaboration.

Our time tracking and personnel scheduling software is integrated into employee apps. This allows managers and flex workers to easily view shifts, make changes, and submit leave requests, all through their mobile devices. This provides convenience and flexibility in managing their schedules. Not only are the schedules automated, but also your administration and communication. Furthermore, contracts and messages are also easy to automate, saving you time and ensuring you're always up-to-date.

To effectively onboard your temporary employment agency, we help you quickly become familiar with the features and capabilities of clevergig's time tracking and scheduling software. Through extensive onboarding, everyone within your agency can learn to make optimal use of all functionalities to be the most productive. This way, you gain control over your temporary employment agency. Your daily tasks no longer become a separate profession with our assistance. This improves customer satisfaction, increases your revenue, and maximizes the full potential of your temporary workers.

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