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Is your healthcare organization overwhelmed by administrative tasks beyond shift scheduling? Beeple's all-in scheduling tool automates processes, ensuring seamless patient care continuity while meeting compliance standards. Empower your care teams with Beeple's intuitive mobile app and streamline scheduling with integrated IT solutions.

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Beeple is a very flexible, customisable tool that could meet our requirements. Employees could indicate their unavailability, be deployed at different locations nearby to their homes, and easily record their hours worked.


HR Manager, Ecolog

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Less administration, more action in healthcare

Is your healthcare organisation grappling with more than just shift scheduling, such as regulatory compliance and credential verification challenges? With Beeple all-in scheduling tool, you can ensure seamless patient care continuity while effortlessly meeting compliance standards and verifying credentials.

Manual Administrative Burden

Healthcare organisations often face overwhelming manual tasks, leading to stress and inefficiencies. Beeple alleviates this burden by automating time-consuming administrative processes, freeing up valuable time for strategic growth and patient care.

Navigating Unpredictability

Managing a healthcare business amidst evolving regulations demands constant attention and organization. Beeple offers a comprehensive solution to navigate this unpredictability, providing peace of mind and clarity for planners, allowing them to maintain focus and efficiency in their operations.

Credentials Compliance

Beeple tackles key challenges in staff planning, offering solutions for regulatory compliance and credential verification, ensuring your focus on patient care continuity. From automated reminders and centralized credential storage to real-time communication tools, Beeple streamlines scheduling processes, ensuring quality care while meeting compliance standards.

Less administration, more action in healthcare

Beeple offers customizable planning solutions designed specifically for healthcare organizations, enabling seamless organization of schedules across departments, facilities, and specialties.

With Beeple's intuitive mobile app, healthcare professionals can take control of their schedules, update availability, and submit staffing requests, facilitating efficient communication and ensuring adequate staffing levels for quality patient care.

Seamlessly integrate Beeple into your IT infrastructure, automating processes from candidate entry to payroll and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Enjoy 24/7 mobile access for care teams, enhancing productivity and collaboration across healthcare facilities.

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