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The power of good planning often lies in the communication. To avoid endless phone calls and voicemail messages, Beeple already offered a wide range of communication channels, and another one was recently added! After e-mail, mobile notifications, Beeple chat and SMS, it is now also possible to communicate with your employees via WhatsApp.  

At Beeple, we want to keep surprising and serving our customers with the most innovative features. We were already innovative with the Tinderswipe and the selfie check-in, and with WhatsApp we also provide a unique feature within the planning tool world.  

"With the addition of WhatsApp to our offering, we are meeting the demand of many of our customers. WhatsApp is a very fast, efficient and accessible way to communicate with employees," explains Customer Success colleague Vincent. "Several customers were already using internal WhatsApp groups to communicate with their employees. Of course, before the link with Beeple, this was a lot of manual work, with the risk of errors. Now that this is done through Beeple, it works much more efficiently!"

The popularity of WhatsApp makes it easy to also send out professional communications via the instant messaging application. Notifications are checked faster than email or pop-ups in the app, a big advantage when filling your schedule. Sending open shifts, confirming registrations or responding to employee questions can now also be done via WhatsApp.  

"We are very happy to be able to offer our customers this new integrated feature and we’re also proud, this feature is unique for workforce scheduling tools," says Vincent. "And the new feature is clearly appreciated, customers have already signed up en masse to activate the integration!"  

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