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Why is Beeple better than Excel?

You probably have your own way of working in Excel. You’re probably able to schedule the right staff quickly. We believe that. But, does Excel know the availabilities of your staff? Does Excel implement automatic contracting? Most likely, your Excel won’t communicate with your staff directly… Beeple saves you time copy pasting all that data!

Why is Beeple better than Google Drive?

You have made your own Google Drive space with all kinds of documents and forms? We know that you think it’s easy and practical. But, Beeple goes way beyond what Google Drive offers. Beeple is one, big database where all your staff members have a self-service portal. Beeple also provides a lot of automatic processes like sending out reminders.

Why use Beeple instead of your own software tool?

Developing software for your company is expensive and time-consuming. The support and expansion is probably even more expensive and more time consuming. Beeple is a full circle staff management tool that is easy to adapt to. Next to that, our online support is free. Every day we listen to our clients and use their input to improve Beeple. The updates of Beeple are on the house!

How is Beeple able to save time for me?

Beeple ensures that you won’t have to do trivial or repetitive tasks anymore. Beeple makes a lot of processes automatic. For example: requesting availabilities, communication between you and your staff, contracting and call sheets. See for yourself how much time Beeple will save you. You can test this by recording the time for one week while you’re calling staff, gathering information, communicate instructions, make contract and examine timesheets. You can reduce this time by 80% if you let Beeple assist you.

Is my company or organisation too small for this tool?

No company or organisation is too small to use Beeple. Beeple gives added value for every company or organisation, small or big… This smart tool will make sure that your projects run smoothly. Everyone who dreams of less paperwork, everyone who hates to copy paste, everyone who is fed up with unanswered phone call or everyone who wants to work more efficiently will experience the great advantages while using Beeple. Because our tool is based on a usage fee, you will also experience financial advantages.


Which are the technical requirements for using Beeple?

All you need in order to use Beeple is Internet access and a normal computer, laptop or tablet. The Beeple tool is compatible with most browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. The mobile application can be partially used offline. Beeple is completely facilitated by our team. You won’t need to buy or install any hardware, servers or other installations. So, you understand that the technical requirements are very basic. Almost everyone can work with Beeple!

I am not a computer expert; will I be able to work with Beeple?

Beeple is based on the ‘leading websites” on the Internet. We only use recognizable techniques and features so that our tool can be used intuitively. For example, we follow the classic online registration process. In case you’re stuck on something, there is an online support team that is always ready to help you. We also have written tutorials and videos. If you prefer a personal approach, our support staff is happy to help you.

Can I import and export data?

All the data that you ad on Beeple is yours and will always stay yours. You can import and export almost all data by yourself. Mostly from, and/or to an Excel, CSV or PDF file. Make export templates yourself or use standard templates. Our standard template enables you to export staff lists, time schedules or timesheets easily.

Can Beeple link with other tools?

Our team can completely implement Beeple in your current ICT structure. We have the possibility to make an API with other tools like: invoicing programs, accounting package and other CRMs. The links with other tools are always customized. Nonetheless, you can also choose one of our preferable partners.

How safe is the Beeple tool?

The security of Beeple is one of our main priorities. This is a very important matter within our ICT team. It’s also one of the reasons why we have a third party auditing our security. Next to that, we have enough back-up systems so that information won’t get lost. We work with the best technology to make sure that Beeple has the very best performance possible.


Do I throw away my current workflow?

Absolutely not! Beeple is a tool that enables you to implement your own workflow. No fixed terminology or workflow is needed to use Beeple. You decide how you want to work, how to communicate with your staff and how to schedule them. This gives you the opportunity to give as much responsibility as you want to your staff. Next to that, you can also choose to let the planner do the most of the work. For example: you choose the workflow, the terminology of features, functions and profile features.

Is there a mobile app or self-service portal for my staff?

Each member of your staff has an account for a self-service portal. There, they can find all the necessary documents and information that they need to perform their jobs. For example: work schedule, call sheet or pay slip. Your staff can individually make themselves candidates for jobs or schedule themselves. Depending on the package, your staff has a mobile app for iOS or Android. These applications can also be used offline.

Can a staff member consult his work schedule?

Each staff member can check his own work schedule on his self-service portal. The work schedule can be synchronized with Google or Ical accounts.

How can I make sure that Beeple makes the perfect match?

Beeple has a unique algorithm that is based on 6 parameters to make the perfect match: “the right person on the right job”. When you add a new job, Beeple will automatically suggest the best candidate for the job. This way, the planner can invite this particular candidate for the job in one click.

Is there a possibility for new people to apply through Beeple?

That’s up to you! This is a unique feature of Beeple: choosing your entire flow by yourself. It is your choice if you want to let people apply for jobs through the tool. You can do to by simply changing the settings in Beeple. Quick and easy.

Kick off

Can I get a demo?

Sure! You can contact us by emailing to hello@beeple.eu or by filling in a contact form on our website. A member of our staff will reach out to you as soon as possible in order to schedule a demo meeting. Usually the demo meeting is online. If you prefer to do it in person. Just let us know and we arrange meeting in your office or ours.

Is there a free trial?

You can try our tool for 14 days free of charge! Click here and start today!

Do I need training?

Beeple is an intuitive tool. We are trying to apply as many recognizable symbols and techniques from current ‘leading websites’. This empowers a fast and smooth kick off. When you start using the tool, we provide trainings and support during the configuration of Beeple. You can use our written tutorials or watch our support videos. If you prefer a more personal training, you can request it in our service centre. We are happy to help!

How much time is needed for the kick off?

Beeple will be tailored for your company or organisation. This might take a few hours. Additionally, we will give you a short training. The time needed to completely switch your business to Beeple depends on necessary implementations. Generally, kick offs go fast and smoothly.