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Uniting for a Harmonious Community: Our Employees' Volunteering Experience at Dour Festival with Inter Vlaanderen

“I am grateful for the warm welcome and the trust that Inter Vlaanderen has placed in us to be part of the Dour Festival. We were able to assist several people with disabilities, and this was amazing!” - Alejandra Gomez Bermudez, Project & Adoption Manager at Beeple.

In a world that often feels divided, the power of community and collaboration shines brightly. This July, our employees came together to contribute their time and energy during a remarkable voluntary activity. We joined the team of our client Inter Vlaanderen during the renowned Dour Festival. The festival spans across 5 days, features 9 stages, and showcases over 280 bands and DJs, and we assisted the organisation in guiding disabled festival-goers with their visit.

Embracing Unity Through Volunteering

Inter Vlaanderen, a client with a heart for fostering connections, played a pivotal role in making this employee activity possible. Their commitment to creating a more united and engaged community perfectly aligned with the values of Beeple.

Inter Vlaanderen, the Agency for Accessible Flanders, is dedicated to creating an inclusive society where everyone can fully participate in all aspects of life on an equal basis. Specifically during events and music festivals, Inter develops activities that promote the accessibility of events, ensuring that they are accessible to everyone. Our employees eagerly embraced the opportunity to contribute to the organisation’s success and volunteered to support Inter’s activities during Dour Festival.

A Multi-Faceted Impact

The Inter Vlaanderen volunteers play a crucial role in providing personalized assistance to festival attendees with disabilities. They, for instance, help individuals navigate the festival grounds, guiding them through designated accessible areas. This support ensures that attendees can enjoy the event while feeling safe and comfortable.

Our team members contributed to creating an inclusive environment where disabled people can partake in the festivities without limitations. The result was a fun day full of impact and connection.

“Working as a volunteer for Inter at festivals: that's the satisfaction of being able to make a difference for a grateful minority group, combined with the festival atmosphere that you can fully immerse yourself in. Teamwork, warmth, and fun take centre stage here.” - Jens Verschueren, Key Account Manager at Beeple

A Heartfelt Thank You

The story of our employees' volunteering journey at Dour Festival alongside Inter Vlaanderen is proof of how companies can connect for projects that make this world a better place. This collaboration gave Beeple employees a chance to show that we take our values seriously, reminding us that through collaboration and a shared commitment to positive change, we can all contribute to greater success.

“As a company, we believe in the transformative powerof unity and community. Organizing this team activity to volunteer and support disabled individuals not only enhanced our team’s collaboration and empathy, but it also aligns with our commitment to social responsibility.” - Berdien Vanthillo, HR Manager at Beeple

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