From may 25, the European GDPR law will be active. At Beeple we take data protection seriously. We commit ourselves to transparent communication about this topic. Therefore, you will find on this page a clear description on what measures we have implemented securing your private date.

Where will your data be stored?

Production regions

Our European customers are

  • Hosted in The Netherlands (Amsterdam)
  • Backup in Germany (Frankfurt)

Our USA customers are hosted in:

  • Hosted in USA (New York)
  • Backup in Germany (Frankfurt)


Our application is cloud agnostic. For our standard hosting we use a combination of:

  • Digital Ocean
  • Amazon S3
  • Managed by Cloud66

How do we secure your data?

The following actions will be taken in order to take care of your data.

  • Yearly PEN test
  • Yearly security training for our development team
  • Awareness sessions for our Beeple team
  • Two-factor authentication for our admin users (will be added soon)
  • Security by design (every new feature gets a "GDPR proof" check in the design phase)
  • Whenever something would go wrong, we will communicate through our default channels to inform our customers

Will Beeple be data controller or data processor?

Beeple will be controller and processor of all data provided by our customers on our platform.  Please check the EU GDPR website for more info.

Where can I request a data processing agreement?

Please send an email to in order to request data processing agreement.

Will Beeple be still operating under CPP flag?

Yes. Since Beeple is located in Belgium, we will still be operating under the Belgian Data Protection Authority. Please check the DPA website for more info.

Are all external parties GDPR compliant?

Yes. Since data protection is a key factor for us, we will only work with GDPR compliant companies.